birth doula support​

Because how you feel during birth matters.

We offer professional support so you have all the ins and outs of the process, and how to move forward, whatever the plans you envision.

Planning for the birth of a baby can be a time of excitement and sometimes anxiety. With a trained and certified labor doula at your side, you can focus on the experience of welcoming your newest addition into the world with confidence.

We provide unconditional, non-judgmental support for both you and your partner, allowing you to take on your preferred birth experience.

Our birth doula packages include

Two prenatal visits (1 1/2 to 2 hours) to create a custom visual birth preferences sheet and discuss your wishes preparing for birth, aided with the knowledge from your birth doula of the policies and procedures of your birthing location, and to discuss comfort measures and logistics of laboring at home and at the hospital or birthing location.

Personalized backup support from another doula in the agency who will be available to you throughout your pregnancy.

24/7 on-call availability from the moment of our contracted agreement.

Full virtual access through phone, text, and email to your labor doula for questions, resources, and information to assist you in planning for your baby’s arrival.

Labor support through virtual and phone support during early labor and, when you are ready for your labor doula, consistent face-to-face labor support from active labor through the birth of your baby. Your doula will come to you in your home to labor and transfer to the hospital or birth location when it’s time to be where you’ll welcome your baby.

This allows you to transfer to your birth site without stress and at the best time for you! Your doula will remind you of normal parts of the process, grab nourishment, squeeze your hips, help troubleshoot any unexpected bumps, and help you through each contraction with ease.

Planning an epidural? Great! Your doula will support you at home and at the hospital so you are comfortable and receive it at the perfect time for you. After rest, your professional birth support knows how to keep the process rolling, so you can have a calm, comfortable, connected birth!

1-2 hours of postpartum support immediately after birth to allow you to transition gently to motherhood.

A phone lactation consultation if breastfeeding within the first days home to make sure that nursing is going well and to assist with any needs or necessary troubleshooting.

A follow-up postpartum visit and, if necessary, postpartum planning to assist beyond the immediate first days of your baby’s life at home.