Why should you hire The Birthing Company to help your family welcome a new baby?

Our doulas provide comprehensive support

Each of our doulas simultaneously serves as a champion of your birth choices, a coach helping you cultivate your unique parenting style, and as your family’s biggest cheerleader as you navigate your way through this profound transformation.

Our doulas inspire peace of mind

All of our doulas are trained, insured, and maintain certification in First Aid and CPR. Each member of our doula team is thoroughly vetted and each new hire goes through a meticulous onboarding with our founder, Denise Roundtree, to ensure The Birthing Company always provides consistent, seamless support for your family.

Our doulas serve with flexibility

As in parenting, there is no expiration date on our care and no end to the scope of our services. We proudly assist your entire family with a comprehensive approach to ensure everyone is comfortable and confident throughout this growth and transition, no matter how long it takes.
Close up of a sweet sleeping newborn infant baby girl laying on a purple furry rug with a headband on

Our Services

We provide a wide array of doula care services.

Child Education

Our class sessions will give you the confidence and resources you need to work with your health care team to achieve a memorable birth experience.

Customizeable Support

If you have unique needs that are not met by our typical services, contact us to develop a custom package of services just for you.

Empowering Mothers

We provide Postpartum Doula services to help families adjust to their new normal (and sleep!) during the postpartum period.

Quality Care

We are there for you and your partner in each moment of your birth, you can count on our undivided attention.

Birthing Doula

Postpartum Doula

Childbirth Education/Lamaze Classes