Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is natural, normal, and incredibly beneficial for both mom and baby. It is how a woman’s body was designed to feed its offspring, and it is how babies are meant to be nourished. Still, we recognize that the decision to breastfeed is a personal one and we understand that the journey can sometimes bring unique challenges. ​​We offer a variety of options and packages to meet the needs of our community’s breastfeeding moms, all catered to their individual circumstances. Are you looking for assistance with a specific issue not covered below? There is a lot to learn about breastfeeding and it can be a challenge even if issues are not present.
A lactation counselor/consultant will ensure that each nursing mother has the breastfeeding support she needs, to establish a healthy/happy breastfeeding relationship from the start. Lactation Counselors can be requested in conjunction with our overnight newborn care services or consultations can be set up for a one on one in home visit.

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