Postpartum Doula

Post Partum Doula

Everything changes when you bring your baby home. The one thing that shouldn’t is your level of support. Too often, new parents are left feeling on their own in the balancing act between taking care of themselves, taking care of their home, getting to know their new baby, and finding a new rhythm as a larger family. 

When you treat your family to our top of the line postpartum care, you will be matched with a postpartum doula that will:

  • respect your authority in making parenting choices for your family and support you in the style that fits you best. 
  • act as a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen, without judgment, in the good times and the bad
  • support not just you, but your entire family  in these early days, weeks, and months
  • provide you with and support you with evidence-based information and expert advice

From giving you a chance to catch up on sleep and helping you catch up on household chores to teaching you basic newborn care and keeping your older children company while you get to know your little one, your postpartum doula’s job is to do whatever helps your brand new family bond.

mother breastfeeding her baby