What does Doula support look like?

What does Doula support look like?

It is my goal to get to know you – to be your friend, your safe place, your sister. I want to know about your thoughts, beliefs, and fears surrounding birth. What are you excited about? What makes you nervous? What do you feel confident in? Where could we instill even more confidence? Let’s talk about it and create positivity for your birth together!

Informational Support

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed when researching pros and cons of different birth options. As your doula, I will provide you with unbiased evidence-based resources to make those decisions a little easier. When you hire me as your birth doula you are granted access to all of the resources that I have heavily researched. 

Emotional Support

Think of me as a safe space to openly talk about your birth vision, your fears, and your uncertainties. I will be there to listen, prop you up, give you a pep talk, or simply acknowledge your feelings without judgment. There may also be moments during your labor when you think “I can’t do this”, and I will be there to help you mentally and emotionally refocus, center yourself, and work with your baby to bring that little one earthside.

Physical Support

This is typically what most people associate with doulas… and for good reason. Physically supporting you through labor and birth is an important part of what you can look forward to when you invite me into your birth experience. We will discuss and practice labor positions to alleviate pain while encouraging optimal positioning of your baby, go over how your partner can help, and talk about any items I recommend adding to your birth bag or homebirth basket. When it’s baby time I bring my doula bag (full of birth goodies), my hands to provide counter-pressure or a soothing touch, and my knowledge of the birth process to support you to the fullest extent possible.

Your doula support will include:

What does Doula support look like?

A complimentary consultation
1-2 Prenatal visits

Support through phone, text, or email throughout pregnancy and until 8 weeks postpartum
Physical and emotional support through your labor and birth
2-4 hours immediately postpartum to support your transition (breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, answer questions)
1 Postpartum visit